With the launch of the microsoft Xbox 360 there were more and more games developed. Xbox 360 games are available for every category for example jump and run, sports, roleplay etc and there are many more games coming. The Xbox 360 is the biggest competitor to the Sony PlayStation 3 and there is no real winner. Many people love the Xbox 360 and other people can’t live without their PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 has an integrated blue ray player and a better processor than the Xbox 360. Also it is possible to go online with the ps3 for browsing the web from the couch.

On the other hand Microsoft has better game licenses for Xbox 360 แทงบอลออนไลน์ games and so many people decided to buy a Xbox 360. It offered the hd dvd player but the blue ray format won the “battle” and the hd dvd production was stopped. The Xbox 360 games have more famous title like halo 3 for example. Microsoft’s console is also much cheaper than the sony ps3 and more people were able to buy one of these.

The Xbox online modus “Xbox live” is very developed and is more stable than the online service from the PlayStation 3. On the other hand the ps3 online gaming is for free. Not all but most of the Xbox 360 games are Xbox live ready and the player are able to play with their friends all over the world. It’s no matter if your friend lives in China and you in the US. You are still able to play with him and that’s a great service we get from both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.