When playing fantasy football you obviously want to score as many points as possible every week and a key component to doing so is making sure you have good backups to fill in when your starters have the week off. There are two primary bye week strategies you need to keep in mind: pre-draft and post draft.

Pre-Draft Strategy

When preparing for your fantasy football draft your first priority is to make sure you understand your league scoring system and rank the best players at each position so you can quickly grab the best available players when it’s your turn to draft. If it’s your turn to draft and there are no stand out players available then you should take bye weeks into consideration before drafting a player. If your fantasy football league doesn’t post bye weeks beside of each player’s name then make sure you create a quick ยูฟ่าเบท reference of team byes before your draft starts. Here are ways to deal with bye weeks for each position during your draft.

Quarterbacks – In most standard leagues you can only start 1 quarterback so most people only draft 2 for their roster. You should draft a #1 QB that is preferably a pro bowl caliber QB that you’ll play for most of the season and then draft a #2 QB that has a different bye week and a few favorable match ups when your primary QB faces tough defenses.

Wide Receivers and Running Backs – In most standard leagues you can typically start a total of 5 running backs and wide receivers so you’ll definitely want to draft a couple extra at each position to give you enough depth to make it through your bye weeks

Tight Ends – Draft 1 tight end and pick up a replacement from the free agent/waiver wire pool during the season when your starter is scheduled off and/or faces a tough opponent.