Coach Nick Saban for the Tide says it would be or rather was a “consolation game”, but Coach Bob Stoops of the Sooners says: “Didn’t look like it first series. They looked ready to play everyone thought they would rout us.” Ding, ding, ding… If it was a heavy weight bout around this time the card girl would be walking around the ring holding a huge round 1 sign over her head. This is the type of stuff rivalries are made of.

No. 3 Alabama is bitter because their national championship hopes had been dashed by Auburn, Oklahoma is stoked because they have the opportunity to prove to the nation they are one of the elite, as if there was ever a question. But when you get a whack at arguably the second best team in the nation, you go hard. There has been so much speculation surrounding Oklahoma winning the 2014 sugar bowl, mainly because so many people believed that Bama didn’t even want to be there, and never really showed up, but when you try to use that argument you take away from the NFL pro night Oklahoma QB Trevor Knight put on passing 18-24 for 206 and three touches, IN THE FIRST HALF!!! And all this against an SEC team renowned for their defensive prowess, this was definitely a statement by the BIG 12 that they are indeed a top conference and the Sooner one of their flagship teams. Now who in their right mind can say Alabama didn’t come to play, this was Heisman finalist A.J. McCarron’s final outing at Bama, and he too put on quite a performance tossing for 301 yards in the first half alone. Alabama came into the game a 17 point favorite, and ended up falling to the Sooners 45-31, their first bowl เว็บยอดนิยม ufabet loss since 2008, which just so happened to be another Sugar bowl, and the only time since then Bama has lost consecutive games.

Knight who finished the night 32-of-44 for 348, 4 TD’s and one pick was stellar. And regardless if the naysayers want to put up the argument that Bama didn’t want to be there, the fact remains that they were, and they got beat. A loss is a loss, however you chop it up, whether it’s by a touchdown, field goal, or you just blow wreck, and let a team run a missed field goal back in the closing seconds of regulation. Every single loss counts, especially in college football, where bragging rights are… a rite of passage. Everyone who’s anyone will tell you if asked, which conference is the toughest in all of college football? Why the SEC of course, given their track record, and the fact that the SEC has won 7 of the last 8 national titles it would be hard to argue with that, I mean “Numbers Never Lie” and when you take a top tier team such as Alabama and place them on the national stage against a contender such as Oklahoma, you don’t hardly expect the outcome to be favorable for the contender. But when the Sooners show up, and show up they did, and take care of business against a top SEC team, it’s unfair to chalk it up to a lack of motivation, or not wanting to be there. Bama got beat by a better team, granted they shouldn’t have lost to Auburn but they did, and when they were given at least the opportunity to redeem themselves against the Sooners, they got exposed.